Skovsnogen – Deep Forest Artland

This summer my boyfriend and I went on a trip to Skovsnogen, a contemporary art museum in the middle of a forest in Jutland(!)

One of the concepts about the art works in Skovsnogen is that since they are outside all year long, the works gets worn by time and weather. Some of the works even slowly disintegrates. I love how time and nature gets to be part of the process of the works.

There are a so much great art to see at Skovsnogen. Here are a few samples of what can be experienced there.


In March I was on a trip to Morrocco with my boyfriend. It wasn’t a photography trip as such, but I did take a few photos I want to share.

In the following gallery you can see some shots where I try to capture the atmosphere of this beautiful contry. From arabic graffitti, countryside, Marrakesh youngsters, dessert trip in Sahara on camels where a tourist gets her dessert-selfie taken and the remains of the roman city Volubilis.

Time Belongs to Us

Time Belongs to Us is a story about a woman who falls in love with a television. She then gets pregnant and gives birth to a computer…

I wrote first draft of Time Belongs to Us years ago and I received some support from DFI to develop the script. But something was missing, I wasn’t happy with the story.

Last year I met people from the VJ art collective Hackstage. And there was the part I had been missing to finish the script!

It’s me again!

This is the first post I have written in a loooong time. Not because a lot hasn’t happened. I have finished writing my feature script Time Belongs to Us, I am currently working on finishing a series of art photos called Skins and I just came home from 2 weeks travel to Morocco with my boyfriend.

I suddenly felt the urge to share what’s been going on, so in the next few posts I will do some summing up!

Cathartic Trickster

At the 3rd of June we had a group exhibition and concert event at my studio Lurendrejeren on Glentevej in Copenhagen. I exhibited my photo series Electric Beings.

You can see the photo series here.