This is the first post I have written in a loooong time. Not because a lot hasn’t happened. I have finished writing my feature script Time Belongs to Us, I am currently working on finishing a series of art photos called Skins and I just came home from 2 weeks travel to Morocco with my boyfriend.

I suddenly felt the urge to share what’s been going on, so in the next few posts I will do some summing up! Both to keep myself on track and to share with you out there. I am most of the time too shy for social media. This seems like a more “safe” place to write for some reason. – And who knows what could happen, I might someday be “bold” and post a link to this blog on social media and have the experience of other people actually reading it he he.

But till then, a warm welcome to you who have found this blog and let’s dig in to what’s been going on!

The image on top of this page is a photo of some tech and electronics I took in the research process of writing TV LOVE.